About Me Page

Hello, everyone that has access to an electronic device that has internet access. This is going to be the page that information on… you guessed it… me! Okay here we gooooo!!!!!!

  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Favorite Disney Movie: Mulan
  • Favorite Candy: Bottle Caps
  • Favorite Animal: Dragon (because they are awesome)
  • Favorite Book: Little Brother by Cory Doctorow
  • Favorite Pastime: Drawing and Daydreaming
  • Twitter: @GibsonMiki

Personality: I am a little quirky in the things I do. I can never seem to fully concentrate on serious things like school and I only seem to excel in things that seem meaningless to other people. I happen to think that memorizing Disney movie characters is not meaningless. 🙂 I, maybe like or unlike you, love to chat about things that don’t usually cross people’s mind. For example, have you ever wondered how your life would be different if instead of walking out your door like normal, a talking winter fox that was half your height walked in and asked if you had seen any purple duck thieves that pretended to be badgers.Anyway, that’s the basics, I may or may not update this page later. Adios amigos!!

Cover of "Little Brother"

Cover of Little Brother



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