Hell Is Fun Chapter 1

Sorry, this chapter is kind of short, but I am just starting. I promise the next chapters will at least be a little longer. Anyway, here it is!!


There she was. Little Susie Parks was swinging on the swing set with her golden brown locks swaying with wind. Blake sighed with content.

“I could lose my deck of cards today and still be a happy kid.” The other boys around him just gasped in shock.

“How could you say that?!” The little boy who had spoken first was named Wes Taylor. His dark brown eyes looked at his friend in pure shock while his auburn red hair settled after his quick jerk of the head to face his friend.

“Yeah, no kidding,” said another little boy who went by the name of Harry Rogers. His dull grey eyes gave no hint that the boy was shocked, but his movements clearly did. His energetic hands continued to pull on his sandy blonde hair as he stared blankly at his friend.

“He is obviously kidding, guys. Isn’t that right, Blake? You would never be happy about losing your cards, right,” asked the third and final friend of Blake Smith. This boy’s name was Nicolas (Nick for his friends) O’Ryan. He and Blake had been best friends ever since they were born and nothing could split them apart.

“This is no joke, you guys,” Blake responded with a dead serious look to each of his friends. “See Susie over there? She is the prettiest girl I have ever seen and nothing is going to change that.”

The boys just rolled their eyes and continued to play with their toy cars and sports balls. A sudden burst of laughter came from the other side of the playground. The boys swung their tiny heads around just in time to see a chubby little girl fall into a patch of mud.

“Who do you think you are? You can’t just come over and try to talk to me. I am the queen. Peasants have no right to even look at me,” Susie spurted while crossing her arms over her nonexistent chest. (AN: nonexistent… he he he)

“Why does she even try? Nobody likes her and she looks so gross,” stated Wes.

“No kidding, she isn’t even as old as us.” Harry agreed.

“I can’t believe I’m related to that thing. Gives me shivers,” Nick hugged himself while speaking.

“How can you and that little blob monster be siblings? I swear your mommy and daddy must have thrown her against a wall when she was born.” Blake contemplated. Blake watched as the little girl stood up from the mud and blankly stared at Susie.

“What are you doing?” asked Susie with an “I’m-better-than-you” kind of voice. The little girl just continued to stare at Susie as if there was an alien mass growing out of her head.

“I pity you,” was all the little girl said before she swiftly turned around and happily skipped back to her small corner of the playground to write in a tiny little journal that she always carried around.

“You, Dylan O’Ryan, are the ugliest and stupidest person I will ever meet!!” screamed Susie as she stomped off in the other direction. She plopped down on the cemented part of the playground and began to draw using the available pieces of chalk she could reach. The four boys merely watched the entire scene with curiosity and shock after Dylan’s little outburst.

“It looks like Susie has fun every time she says something to your sister,” Wes finally said after the whole ordeal had gone down. The other boys nodded their heads and began to hatch a plan. As the end of playtime was nearing, Dylan looked up as her light was being covered up by a huge shadow. She looked up and saw her brother and his friends.

“Hello!! Would you guys like to play with me?” She asked as her entire face lit up with glee. The boys only laughed in response as their faces morphed into scowls and grimaces.

“Who would ever want to play with a ugly, fat girl like you?” asked Blake. Dylan only looked towards her brother with a look of pain and curiosity. Nick stood his ground and looked on with a look of pure evil, as Dylan saw it.

“Yeah, nobody would ever want to play with you. Nobody likes you and nobody ever will,” Wes included.

Harry only agreed, “You are so stupid, how you can get any friends is a mystery. Oh, wait, you don’t have any.”

“I can’t believe an ugly, fat, stupid monster like you is my sister. You must have been adopted or something because I sure don’t share any blood with you,” Nick cut in and delivered the final blow. Throughout this one way ‘conversation,’ Dylan’s face merely went from glee to pain and curiosity, and finally ended with a blank look. She merely continued looking at the boys’ faces as if they weren’t even there. To the boys, it looked as if she was staring at thin air.

“I’m sorry, I have to go,” was Dylan’s only reply as the teacher called in all of the students back to classrooms. Dylan stood only to be pushed back down by Blake.

“Don’t go around talking like you are better than everybody else. You are nothing.” The boys left and after a good two minutes, Dylan stood, brushed herself off, and walked slowly back to the classroom.

This continued for another two years, even when the boys and Susie moved onto middle school, whenever they saw Dylan, they would bully her relentlessly and leaving her with a blank look on her face after realizing that she wouldn’t cry. She never cried, she would never let them see it. The only thing she had left was a sliver of pride. That pride would not allow her to cry in front of these bullies, for if she did, she would lose everything. She will never cry.



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