Valentine’s Day and…. I’M BACK!!!


Hey, everyone!! Man, it has been forever and a day since I last updated and I am so sorry for it. *blurt crap about life* ANYWAY….. Back to Internet life. You know, the internet is a big place. There are sites for fashion, sites for photos, sites for being ‘social’ (word for being an almost introvert), and even sites for shopping!!! Wow, never saw that coming. 🙂 Did you know that there is this awesome website called Yeah, just heard about it. Apparently it is one of the best websites ever… *click link* MIND=BLOWN. Yeah, that’s right, I went there. Okay, that was my completely biased ego talking. Back to Intern- LIFE. Yes, back to life. Recently there has been a lot of talk about this so called Valentine’s Day? It sounds ingenious!! Show off your partner to everybody? Sounds good. Give anonymous stalker chocolates? Amazing. Celebrate being single for the umpteenth time? I AM SO THERE!!


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