Television #6


Hello, my internet savvy friends!! All right, so I know as a hyper teenager, we need to have our minds occupied if we are going to get through the day. Well, teenagers I have a solution!! TELEVISION!! There is this great device called a television that plays moving pictures and sounds to create a story! It has made my life so much sweeter. Anyway, on this so called television, there is a show called Codename: Kids Next Door. It is about a group of five kids who work in a tree house to protect kids everywhere from the tyranny of adults. They are actually part of a larger organization of kids working across the globe protecting kids. Each episode is a new adventure that the kid agents go on and the new things they find out about life. The reason I like this show so much is because it reminded me about how I used to act as a kid and what I believed to be true. I love it so much and I’m sure that if you had any kind of childhood that you will love it too!!



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