School and Relaxing

 Hola mi amigos!! So, when the world decided to take a dump on my life, it also decided to make my teachers bring out the big guns. And I mean huge, like bazooka style. 🙂 Anyway, I know that a big part of teen stress is the much dreaded school. 😛 Well I’m here to say that it’s okay to take a small breather after going at it for so long. Every teenager out there deserves to just sit back and chill on Saturday mornings (and preferably the whole day) after a long week of tests, quizzes, homework, and cranky teachers. I think that Saturday mornings are meant for us to just sit back and watch cartoons. Seriously. Now me, being the bipolar study bug I am, actually tries to get some homework done on Saturday afternoons. Now, on a regular basis, I procrastinate until about 10 on Sunday nights. And let me tell you, it makes Monday mornings even suckier. Bleh. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is take a bit to relax, get your annoying stuff out of the way, then relax some more. Now if only I could actually stick to that…. Good luck!! 🙂


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