Television #3


Hey, everyone!! I’m back!! Sorry I didn’t post anything the last couple of days, but I had some school stuff to deal with. Anyway, there is this really awesome anime I wanted to tell you guys about. It’s called Sword Art Online and the light novel series was written by Reki Kawahara. Since it was published, it has been adapted into three manga, an anime, and a video game. Alright, onto the real story. It starts off with a new game, Sword Art Online, being introduced into Japan. The game console includes a helmet that connects with all the user’s senses in order for the game to seem more life-like. When the main character, Kirito, tries to log out of the game, he realizes that there is no log-off button. All 10,000 players who had logged on are transported to the main arena and met with the creator of the game. The creator tells the players that they will not be able to log out of the game until they reach the 100th level and beat the final boss. The entire show focuses on Kirito and Asuna and the people they interact with while they fight to stay alive and beat the game. 🙂


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