Television #2


Hey Hey Hey!!! And, no, I am not quoting Fat Al. Although I do tend to do that a lot… 🙂 Oh well. Anyway, I really wanted to tell you all about this really great movie. It’s called Summer Wars and it was directed by Mamoru Hosoda and animated by Madhouse. This movie is about a boy named Kenji Koiso who is asked by a popular girl in school, Natsuki Shinohara, to do her a favor. Kenji goes with Natsuki to her family house where he is introduced as her fiance. The night after meeting the family, Kenji receives an encrypted e-mail and cracks it. When Kenji cracks the code he releases Love Machine, and artificial intelligence, into the OZ infrastructure. OZ is an online social network that can be used for almost anything. Users can do anything from buy real estate to pay the bank to buy the newest fashions for their avatars. When Love Machine is released, he steals Kenji’s avatar and causes widespread damage. Now Kenji, Natsuki, and the Shinohara family have to come together and beat Love Machine to restore balance to Japan. (As cheesy as that sounds. :)) Anyway, I really love and you guys should check it out!!!


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